Clouds of Oran
For flute, clarinet, trumpet, piano, violin, and violoncello

Clouds of Oran
is the first of several pieces based on Albert Camus’ novel The Plague. The novel takes place in the city of Oran on the coast of Algeria. My title is based on an image that occurs early in the text, as the disease is just beginning to take hold and the population beginning to show signs of unrest. Although Clouds of Oran is not programmatic per se, with this series I am interested in examining the classic text as it relates to the current social atmosphere in the United States. Clouds of Oran, though an independent composition, serves to introduce the harmonic and textural language used in the subsequent pieces.

 Ellen C. Johnson, flute; Chris Howard, clarinet;
Chris Carillo, trumpet; Trevor Gureckis, piano;
Stephanie Teply, violin; Ben Westney, violoncello;
Rob Deemer, conductor